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    Tubéreuse Criminelle by Serge Lutens Les Salons du Palais Royal Shiseido

    I've heard much about this one, especially about its topnotes. Gasoline. Rubber. Menthol. Asphalt. Anyway, I ordered a bottle... and: everything is true. The weirdest topnotes I've ever smelled. Imagine you're filling the tank of your truck at a shabby petrol station... the smell of burnt rubber, hot asphalt and gasoline all around... in your truck you have one of those cheap air refresheners that smell of spearmint mouthwash. That's how Tubereuse Criminelle starts. Now I understand why it's called "criminelle" - it has a dark, strange character. Just shocking. But then the tuberose breaks through. It pushes the strange odor of gasoline away and you get the irradiance of an incredibly beautiful floral scent. The tuberose in here is powerful, but not creamy and damp - it's bright, juicy, uplifting and refreshing. Truly wonderful - and the only tuberose-centered fragrance beside Carnal Flower that's totally suitable for women and men.
    For sure, a somehow eccentric scent, but totally addictive and at least worth a try. Normally, I wouldn't give "thumbs up" for a fragrance with these awful topnotes, but the heart and the base make good for the beginning. A masterpiece.

    26th July, 2006

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