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    Photo by Lagerfeld

    I got this on a whim at Perfumania. It was 50% off, which makes me think it might be on the sad road to retirement. The packaging and bottle look quite dated, despite their ultra-modern cleanness of line.

    These qualms aside Lagerfeld Photo is very good. It's also very derivative - its obvious inspiration is Drakkar Noir, the 80s fougere nonpareil. It adds a big bite of lavender to Drakkar Noir and cuts out the weirdly bitter heart. The resulting fragrance smells like an 80s grand-slam but behaves much more demurely; it dries down into a weird, fresh crystalline blue smell, like Captain by Molyneux or Grigio Perla (not calone fresh, herbal).

    This seems about right for 1990 - it inhabits the shape of the big leathery scents of the 80s, but ambiguously. I find it much more pleasant and wearable than Drakkar Noir, whose sourness has always repelled me. Photo is a very good, surprisingly strange scent.

    15th March, 2011

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