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    Bang by Marc Jacobs

    I initially gave up on this one and wrote it off.

    Revisiting it, I find it much better. I admit to being crazy about pepper but iso e super is kind of a touchy thing-- many of my favorite scents have an overdose of it, but I think too often, it's used to try to make something out of nothing.

    I think I get this scent now. It's a musky, savory skin scent-- almost salty. It's not extremely loud in the sillage department, but oh what it does on skin! When you spray this on your arm and let it settle into your skin, it's like the steam rising off a fresh, hot, buttermilk biscuit. Sounds weird but it's true. Bang makes me think of a crossroads of two different Comme des Garçons fragrances; Harissa and Ourzazate.

    I was and am a huge fan of Ralph Lauren's wonderful, discontinued Black Pepper tour de force, Extreme Polo Sport. Bang is the closest thing I've smelled that captures what is so attractive about pepper notes.

    If you want to understand the appeal of Bang, you really have to spend some time with it and get used to the way melds with your skin and infuses it with a nice musky quality that is almost edible.

    I'd really love to see an EDP of Bang.

    17th March, 2011

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