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    Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    The name does not sum up this fragrance at all. I get very little tea from this. I mostly get a smoky, spicy, slightly sweet oriental fragrance. It kind of smells like those sugar coated jelly candies that had a variety of flavors, and there was one jelly that was spicy, and as a kid I avoided those and ate all the cherry and grape ones. The spicy ones got hard and stale.

    Theres something about it that reminds me of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, but a tamer version. I find it to be a comfort scent. Something to wear for yourself and not for others since the only way other people can smell it is if their noses are smashed up on your skin.

    Its a interesting scent but not FBW due to the fact that it has such poor sillage. Longevity is nothing to brag about either. But Ive found this to be the case with all the L'art scents Ive tried so far.

    18th March, 2011

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