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    Kenzoair by Kenzo

    The first thing that struck me about this scent was that it's linear and seems to be more simply constructed than most other scents I've owned. The second thought was that it made a welcome change from the usual fruity, citrusy or aquatic summer fragrances for men. I was especially impressed with the way it smelt cool and refreshing without the need to resort to mint.

    Kenzoair has a typically unusual smell (I get mainly a medicinal-liquorice-vetiver-cedar smell) and arty-surreal presentation that I tend to associate with Kenzos - BTW I like the remarkable-looking 'sculptured' bottle. Like Kenzo Pour Homme, this is an interesting, distinctive (it smells a lot like how I think I remember Bogner Deep Forest smelt) and sometimes demanding scent that I think lacks any real sensuality - but could make a good signature fragrance and is great for office/business use. Unlike many others on this site, I've found the scent to be strong & long lasting with good sillage that works particularly well in hot weather.

    I bought the 90 ml EDT but was alarmed to notice that the bottle was only about 60% full when I first opened the box leading me to think I had been conned by the retailer. However I noticed from another Internet site that all Kenzoair bottles are made the same size and volume irrespective of the amount of scent they will eventually be filled with. This explains my partially filled bottle which could clearly hold at least 150 mls compared to the 90 mls it actually held when new. This also leads me to ask why wasn't it simply sold like most other scents as 100 mls in the first place instead of as 90 mls...typically wacky Kenzo !

    In summary, a really good scent - my favourite of all the male Kenzos and a thumbs-up also for being so different!

    28th May, 2010 (Last Edited: 18th March, 2011)

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