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    Ma Griffe by Carven

    Ma Griffe opens crisp and lush of Green Notes caresses
    your senses of different shades though light and dark
    swirls vibrantly like an Rousseau painting primal and
    instinctive from the surface the opening gives an impression of innocence and the green notes adds that
    metaphor as we walk further into the Ma Griffe Greenhouse the air becomes thicker and the floral becomes deeper The note of Peach steeps though the
    air like a sensual Verita; Rose adds an velvety touch
    to this dualistic scent Orris brings the earthy side
    and nocturnal jasmine closes the middle with an green
    herbal smell; The drydown turn Ma Griffe uninhibited
    and Primal; Labdanum with a mixture of Civet adds a
    Animalistic spirit Cinnamon brings depth and a bit of an edge; Watered musk dilutes the volume but noticible.

    Ma Griffe dries to a dark and esoteric finish of
    styrax and dry sandalwood,This scent is a Chameleon
    crisp and green at the opening deep and reseinous
    drydown, i would love this if it wasn't a bit cloying
    but still a nice perfume i would give this
    3 out of 5 Stars.

    19th March, 2011

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