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    Fuel For Life pour Femme by Diesel

    On paper this smelled fresh, inoffensive, clean and polite. I detected mainly blackcurrant and what I assumed was green tea (although I see green tea is not included among the notes). A good daytime scent perhaps? It had to be worth a try. I sprayed a little on my wrist and went about my day. Within a few minutes the pleasant fruity/tea opening had warmed and transformed into a sillage monster of embarrassing proportions. The fruity notes became horribly synthetic - not in a sweet, fun, candybar kind of way, but in a cheap car air freshener that provokes motion sickness kind of way. Furthermore, they somehow managed to smell both synthetic AND overripe - eau de trashcan, anyone? No more refreshing green tea either - that was replaced with a cheap synthetic musk which gusted out of my shirt cuffs every time I moved and made me sneeze and clamp my arms to my sides in horror. I rushed to scrub, scrub scrub this off as soon as I had the chance, but within five minutes of each frantic scrubbing session it came back smelling worse than before. Today, a whole day and two showers since, it is still going. This stuff actually gave me an asthma attack - and I am not very prone to those - and this morning the skin is sore where I sprayed it. So it's a monster allergy trigger to boot.

    This smelled worse than lousy on me, and I accept that the problem here may well be my body chemistry. On someone that suits it, the longevity and gigantic sillage would probably be a huge plus. But a fragrance that actually makes me (and potentially others around me) sick? That would stop me dead even if the juice smelled great on my skin.

    22nd March, 2011

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