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    Blu Mediterraneo Capri Orange / Arancia Di Capri by Acqua di Parma

    The initial blast of fresh squeezed oranges is amazing. It is bright, crisp and juicy sweet. Like others say, it avoids the synthetic candy zone. It is surprisingly natural smelling and oh so delicious.
    Great for hot summer days. Others complain about lasting power, but i find that 2-3 sprays will last 8 hours for me. I will sometimes reapply midday or before dinner.

    The Mandarin Orange notes change over time. Sometimes its fresh orange juice, at others its orange rinds, and sometimes its just a soft orange scent. All are very good.

    The dry down on this one is interesting. It is like a caramel with hints of orange.

    Overall its very good. It does have lasting power on me, but it does not always project very far. However, it is one of the few fragrances I can smell on myself ALL day long. it will still be there when i wakeup. If you like the initial blast of oranges, then you will probably enjoy this one. Its a shame its so expensive, but its natural scent makes it stand apart from all the popular scents out there.

    25th March, 2011

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