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    Apparition Homme Intense by Ungaro

    "Talent borrows - genius steals."
    - Oscar Wilde

    Apparition Homme revisits the by now familiar-to-millions anisic vanilla-musk opening of creations akin to Le Male, Perry Ellis 360 White (Men) and Ghost Man but (like Ghost Man) avoids the lavender and gets creative with its replacement. What we have here is an ingenious use of bitter rhubarb and licorice which lends a slightly soapy edge to what could have been full throttle, unabated sweetness. So imagine, if you would, watering down a bottle of 360 White and adding a dash of Prada Amber PH. Soapy vanillicorice scent with a warm candywood drydown. Longevity and projection are a mystery, as I seem to get different results affected by things like the days of the week, the company I keep, the alignment of the cosmos, and the color of my tie. AHI is a fantastically likable imp of a fragrance and well worth its curiously modest going price.

    26th March, 2011

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