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    Émeraude by Coty

    I've got vintage Shalimar EdC, Shalimar Light, and the Parfum de Toilette version of this (Imperial Decanter bottle), I'd guess from the 1960s. This is lighter than Shalimar Light and not as abrasive as Shalimar EdC. There is a sharp greenish note kicking around that I'm not sure I like, but it's not something that ruins it. In fact, I may grow to like it (only wore it once). There is also an animalic note that is a bit different from any other I've smelled, but the closest thing I can think of is Habit Rouge. Perhaps it is the combination of orange blossom and "dirty" jasmine. Otherwise, it's quite nice and lasts well, with good projection/"sillage" once you get to the drydown. Instead of spice and old/worn leather, like Habit Rouge, this goes in a vanillic/powdery, dry incense direction. I like this better than HR, not just because I like the notes better but also because it is more consistent throughout, whereas HR is very strong up top and considerably weaker in the drydown (I've only tried the new EdC of HR).

    28th March, 2011

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