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    Un Jardin Après La Mousson by Hermès

    i have read all the Bad reviews aBout it
    and to Be honest im fiending for more

    i tried this at an official hermes retailer

    i applied it, and my first imppresion was neutral
    i was like ok , we all know jean claude ellena and hermes fragrances are exotic
    and might not make you fall in love at first sniff
    as my experience with terre d'hermes, first time i smelled it
    i was like what the funk is this, Burn ruBBer came to my mind
    2nd time i morBidly tried it, i started to like it
    By the 3rd time i had to Buy the Bottle, it grew on me

    But this one, i don't think so, this is not happening with this one
    i started to perceive a pink , sweet, penetrating, cloying note, that reminded me of old lady and something that i had smelled Before
    hours kept passin, and it was still strong
    sillage is atomic, and i didn't get to the 5th hour with this is my skin
    But i know longevity is good Because i went through a struggle trying to wash it off, first tried with soap and it didn't dissapear, then i tried with alcohol and a piece of cotton, and the smell was still there
    i finally used detergent and finally got rid off of that stinkyness in my skin.

    i wouldn't even enjoy this on a girl

    29th March, 2011

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