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    Bleu Marine by Pierre Cardin

    Sacre Bleu!!! I can't believe the number of reviews calling this a "failed aquatic," or words to that effect. Mais non, mes amis, you have misunderstood! "Bleu marine" is the French term for the color known in English as "Navy Blue." Moreover, this fragrance was released in the mid-eighties, well before the popularity and glut of aquatic fragrances. Navy Blue is considered a neutral color that goes with everything --- classy, understated, and suitable for all occasions, and I think this is more what Bleu Marine's creators had in mind.

    The scent itself seems to straddle the line between chypre and fougere, with a crisp citrus opening balanced by herbal and green notes. As it dries down, warm woody notes appear, mainly sandalwood, with patchouli, amber, and a hint of oakmoss, though not as much as we usually expect from a chypre. It does bear a resemblance to Halston Z-14, but Bleu Marine is lighter, with more emphasis on the citrus and green components than the warm woods of Z-14. Its intensity drops off rather quickly, leaving a subtle base that lasts surprisingly well. On my skin it doesn't get overly sweet or powdery, but retains a subtle warmth. It's light enough for business wear, yet complex enough for formal occasions --- much like the color it was named for --- and at least one woman has called it "subtly sexy."

    It's a winner in my book!

    30th March, 2011

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