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    Hanae Mori (new / Butterfly) by Hanae Mori

    I have looked so forward to trying this fragrances... especially after having heard so much about it and read all these rave review :) The funny thing is that on my first try I was even disappointed in it... Something about it was a let down; (that's what happens when I set myself up for something specific and then if it's even remotely off the target I feel cheated)... My husband loved it right away... I sprayed some on before bed the first day I got it, and his face instantly lit up like a little boy... all he could say was: "PETTIT BEURRE"!!!! Ohh you smell so good I could eat you!!!! You smell just like "PETTIT BEURRE"!!!! Well that made me laugh but it did not make me feel like this would be one of my snazzy complex fragrance I would wear and feel really sexy wearing... But I did wear it a couple of times on the weekends (for my DH) and enjoyed it well enough... This morning however, (it's pretty warm and sunny outside), I decided to spray some on before work... I walked to my office in the sun and all of a sudden I could smell sweet incense... sun warming my skin and Butterfly caressing me and flying into my hair... playing on my face :) I remembered instantly a vacation in Tunis when I was a little girl... Walking through the market... warm sun on my bare skin... light breeze in my hair playing with it... and sweet, sweet smell of spices and incense lingering in the air... I don't smell spices in Butterfly, but there is something, a lightest touch of incense there that shows up when your outside in the sun... That was what prompted this review and what will most likely have me wearing this wonderful fragrance thought the summer and having my buy bottle upon bottle again and again... (this review is for EDT... I do agree that it's fleeting and not very "strong" but that was what I actually enjoy about this particular fragrance... that almost far-away sense of fragrant air... elusive almost like it's hiding... but you know that it's everywhere around you).

    16th June, 2006

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