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    Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

    A Tale of the Parisian Sisters Y.S.L Paris & Dior Diorissimo both French and exudes Glamor yet very
    different like Night and Day; Paris is a bold
    gregarious Sister nothing is quiet about her everything
    from the notes Of Paris is big The opening packs a punch
    from the Sweetish mimose bright greens Roses hyacinths
    to the fiery Sandalwood finishing she'll demands your
    attention and wont let go; She also has a lot of personas She's a hot clubber on the dancefloor seducing
    all the guys amid her path A top corporate raider who
    has everyone under her thumb Or a Diva who needs to be
    a center of attention.

    Diorissimo a reserved sister of Paris prim & proper
    and modesty is her aura Simple and Elegant she doesn't
    need a thousand floral notes nor Hot deep incense to be notice
    just a few fresh Lilies green notes and Bergamot ,
    Her Persona include being a Ballerina plus a housewife and mother
    she rather work
    behind the scenes then being center stage;
    If Y.S.L Paris is the fiery part of Parisian Elegance
    so Diorissimo is the Ice.

    05th April, 2011

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