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    Gucci Pour Homme II by Gucci

    After reading all the reviews of this one, I just had to try it for myself. Today I went into my local Sephora. I asked the sales guy where the Gucci fragrances were. He pointed me to them, then reached for the tester bottle of Gucci by GPH but I told him I wanted to try GPHII. He sighed and opened a large drawer which showed no more bottles. He said, "Let me check the back." I spritzed a little on my left arm from the tester bottle--which was almost empty--and waited 20 seconds or so. I took a sniff and was very pleased. I couldn't tell much just yet. When he returned he told me they were indeed out, but more would be in tomorrow, and in the meantime he gave me two samples to take home. Nearby was a bottle of John Varvatos L'Artisan. I was intrigued by the scent and spritzed a bit on my right arm. What a contrast! The Varvatos was a loud, lemony fragrance, almost like a floor cleaner, but as it has dried down it's not so astringent, and much more pleasant.

    Back to GPHII: I am very pleased with its subtlety. Please are saying it doesn't project or have any longevity, however, I think it may still be hanging around, but your nose may be getting used to it quickly. When I sniff the Varvatos, then sniff the Gucci, I can smell them both. GPHII is light, to be sure, but I can detect the spices, although the cinnamon smells just a bit clove-like to me. I don't really get the "tea" thing at all. Maybe I'll pick up on that later. To me, this is an extremely pleasant spice and woods fragrance, light and fresh, and one that would be appropriate for just about any occasion. Well-made and well thought out. "Subtle" is the word.

    05th April, 2011

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