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    Lapidus pour Homme by Ted Lapidus

    Ladies and gentlemen: the 1980’s. In full effect.

    This I would like to call budget avant-garde. Lapidus Pour Homme sure is weird. First of all the opening: it has been suggested this is akin to opening a can of pineapple slices. Not so dramatic or crude. No doubt it is fruity but it is more about an idea of fruit. Also I would call Lapidus Pour Homme metallic at times, but not the grating metallic-amber vibe that 90% of current scents seem to push in everybody’s face but a damp metal overgrown with moss. Disgusting? Not so, since it’s counterbalanced by a very pleasing sweetness.

    Lapidus Pour Homme is super strong and the atomizer sprays a large amount resulting in true sillage. The “just one spray for me” crowd will faint just by being in the same room as a bottle of Lapidus Pour Homme. This is the quintessential powerhouse: extravert, adventurous and complex. Perfect for occasions when you want radiate a certain stylish, slightly vulgar “I don’t care” attitude. And because Ted Lapidus never has been a flashy house, specializing in well-made affordable scents, they never had to reformulate/weaken it. Consequently Lapidus Pour Homme remains a monument to this extravagant and brilliant period of male fragrance.

    07th April, 2011

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