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    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren

    It might not be a classic but it definitely seems to be popular; I was also rather offput by the fact that my close friend's boyfriend and father, my girlfriend's father, my friend's cousin, and my... etc. You get the point. I'm probably just in a minority or am trapped by (un)lucky coincidence.

    Polo Blue is probably the safest blue/aquatic fragrance I've ever used or smelled, and for good reason. It does not offend, is agreeable, and smells good. In the same vein it lacks any particularly risky or daring notes, except maybe the leather dry-down, and that's probably only because it's not such a popular scent as it was in years past (unless I'm wrong). The top notes are my favorite; it's a sweet and sour note, almost like citrus. I'd assume this is the cucumber, since I can't say I've smelled that note anywhere else. It's not too sweet but it is very pleasant and lasts a pretty long time in comparison with other fragrances, before it begins to transition into the middle and base notes. The sillage is, again, nothing short of agreeable. You can't smell it from across a room but it does leave a nice aroma in the wake of a passersby or during a friendly conversation.

    It's probably one of the more common RL scents, and there's nothing wrong with that. I only wish it lasted a bit longer and wasn't as common, and maybe wasn't as drab.

    14th April, 2011

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