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    Bois Farine by L'Artisan Parfumeur

    A bit of a different style from L'Artisan, a change of pace from all the spicy and incensy stuff. Bois Farine opens with an extremely pleasant and different aroma. It's powdery, sweet in a slightly gourmand way. Kind of reminds me of some sort of cracker. It has a nutiness too, and somewhat of a creamy vanilla smell. I wanna say there's citrus there too, but I'm not so sure. After researching the 'fennel seed' note, one that I'm not familiar with, it turns out that this is what I'm smelling.

    As it dries, it becomes a little less sweet, a lot more faint. The iris note in this is different. It isn't overplayed, it isn't real powdery or bitter as iris can be. And, the base is very woody, but oh so faint. This scent ends up getting really close to the skin. But, boy is it lovely smell. The longevity, I can't quite distinguish. I had a sample, wore it a few times, and could only really smell it for about 6 hours. Though, I had like this "un-neutral" smell on my skin, that lasted forever, but it wasn't much of anything. Kind of like a faint blueberry and floral smell. It was hard to figure out, harder to smell, but what was left, was pleasant. Projection is average, better on clothing, but ends up as a skin scent for most of the time.

    Overall, I think this is one of the better L'Artisan fragrances for sure. It's very unisex, so either sex could pull it off. It's versatile and unique. Think peanut butter, grape or blueberry jelly, and some soft florals.

    14th April, 2011

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