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    Odeur 71 by Comme des Garçons

    Odeur 71 is a weird, creepy-smelling hybrid: on the one hand it has a green character with notes of lettuce, peppermint and grass; on the other, an arrangement suggestive of printed matter, electronic hardware, burning dust and the office stationary cupboard. One purpose of the greenery is to foreground the bizarre technico-industrial notes, or the 'anti' part of that inseparable 'anti-perfume' tagline.

    Some might think it's mischievous or droll to make oneself smell like an overheating photocopier. I think it's deranged. At the risk of sounding like that Marxist killjoy, Theodeur Adorno, isn't Comme des Garçons' 'anti-perfume' in fact pitifully conservative in its compliance: this is a scent that makes you smell like a piece of technology, indistinguishable from the equipment. Odeur 71 smells to me like alienation in a bottle, masquerading as savvy parody.

    Or – to plug myself back into the Matrix – Odeur 71 is a moderately refreshing scent of aluminium foil and celery.

    13th February, 2011 (Last Edited: 18th April, 2011)

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