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    Reflection Man by Amouage

    Two words: VICKS VAPORUB

    ... just a tad more expensive and harder to carry on airplanes. More tragic - it denies the wearer of the hipster nature associated with the toting of a true "perfume solid". So essentially no fun at all.

    Oh, and one more thing: Reflection Man doesn't actualy clear up nasal congestion.

    I would suggest sticking to your grandpa's original Vaporub, in all of its mentholated glory.

    Sorry, I should be more sensitive to the lovers of this one, as I do have a huge appreciation for this house, the absolute quality in every release, and the fact that this scent will likely NOT have such strongly cheap/medicinal/antiseptic associations in many fans of Reflection Man.

    This really is the scent of too many after-workout sports balms for strained muscles. I wonder if this is a very American association. (And I equate it to frequent references to "urinal cakes" in some fragrances by British posters where I get no such association. Urinal cakes must not employ a global fragrance, or otherwise I really dig the scent of a UK urinal). Reflection Man is obviously of a higher quality and blended to perfection, but at the end of the day it is a sweeter, more peppery version of a common scent wafting through locker rooms and in little tubs on bedside tables and bears little resemblance to the absolute lush opulence of most Amouage scents.

    28th March, 2011 (Last Edited: 22nd April, 2011)

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