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    Tribute Attar by Amouage

    Tribute is a deep and mysterious fragrance - everything you would expect from an attar. On me, the citrus - a bitter orange accord, make that "smoked orange peel," is the strong note from beginning to end. The smoke to me always seemed like an accompaniment, but I should note (as a warning to others) that whenever I wear this someone asks me when I started smoking. On a second sniff (after I assure them that I haven't been sneaking drags by the dumpster in the back), most seem to nestle into the warmth of the fragrance and agree that this is a "nice, warm smokiness". Still, it bugs me that it gives off that initial impression.

    I get far less floral on me than I should, and have no complaints in that aspect. What rose I get is quite sparkly, more along the lines of Tauer's rose accords. (I also have the Molook attar, so I turn to it when craving a masculine rose. And no, I have not yet tried Homage, out of sheer laziness). The rose is certainly present in Tribute, but once again the gorgeous burnt orange smokes its way to the forefront (maybe that's the sparkle that keeps the smoke from being stuffy?) and that rose , while smoothing out the blend, doesn't have a chance.

    Sillage is outstanding, beware! Strangely, longevity is not what I would expect from an Attar. I don't get a full ride out of this one as I do even with many Eau d'Parfums from Amouage or Montale or other more "robust" creations. That's probably not a bad thing, however, as I find this fragrance fairly linear and, while that steady combination of notes is strikingly gorgeous, I'm not sure I want to go on projecting this for 12 hours +. I agree with off-scenter that it warms up considerably in the end and the base is every-so-comforting (though NEVER losing the bright incense and citrusy sparkle), but on me it becomes a skin scent within a few hours of the initial blast.

    In the end, major thumbs-up. Though the smoking accusations perhaps make this more of a contemplative, wear-for-myself scent than one to be floated around in mixed company.

    22nd April, 2011

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