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    L'Eau Frappée by Iunx

    Once I figured out that this was the smell of three different kinds of lemons, I gave it more of my attention than the initial cursory glance that the previous numerous wearings were like.

    On skin, it's hard to figure out where Giacobetti is going with this. Lemon is always present, but the pink pepper veers on smelling grassy/soapy and the combination of the two contributes to a muted, soft texture - that combined with the already tremendously low sillage and longevity make it easy to become bored by.

    It is only in catching gentle whiffs of this, coming off of your body, that you could truly appreciate something like L' Eau Frappe.

    This 'water' is supposed to smell 'cold', and it does, without resorting to any mint, menthol, camphor or eucalyptus. Not an easy task.

    Still - I can't imagine spending the luxury $ for a fragrance 'water'.

    Artistic, yes. Practical, no.

    23rd April, 2011

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