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    Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein

    It was very difficult for me to smell this fragrance again. Eternity was once a scent that made me comfortable, happy, dizzy and head over heels in love. However, smelling this fragrance now only makes me sad and nostalgic.

    My first love wore Eternity every day. For almost four years and most of my teenage years, Eternity was more than just a cologne.

    This cologne is citrusy, fresh, clean and masculine. It's not outright sexy, it's more of a subtle sexy scent. A man that wears Eternity is a man that is kind and someone you can trust.

    The blend of citruses with the herbs and flowers are beautiful and comforting. I could spend hours just cuddling up to a man wearing this scent without getting a headache or feeling nauseous.

    Many men may be discouraged from buying this because it's so popular, yet I don't think it's popularity should deter them. I don't know of any woman that dislikes this cologne, so it is guaranteed to please.

    It's a shame that this fragrance has too many memories connected to it. I would love to be able to enjoy this scent for what it is and not be reminded of the past. But I guess that's the beauty of scent recognition.

    27th April, 2011

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