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    Aromatics Elixir by Clinique

    It did shock me the first time I gave it a full wear because of the obvious presence of aldehyded-geranium notes morphing into rose accords, so later I decided to layer it with patchouli eo. (BTW, this drew compliments).

    I kept on trying this at home, AE is one of those scents that in my case call for sensory analysis. I find it very complex and not an easy one to get, at all, besides the fact that several questions come to mind when testing this, for example, the notes I perceive during the time the fragrance evolves and the associations and descriptors I can think of.

    Today, when sniffing it on my arm, I realized that what was getting me was this herbal animalic accord, which could be due to musk, the note which might explain its masculine character: as mentioned so many times, AE is a women's fragrance that can be worn by men. Thus, the floral accords would be suddenly forced to a turn in direction by musk, before proceeding to a gentler dry-down.

    I strongly belief this last effect is the reason why AE is so difficult to appreciate, for it makes the blend smell somehow discordant - it is not the usual development found in most blends, for the initial olfactory proposal radically changes after minutes, somehow similar to a trader that sells you some good, being that due to the manufacturer's prowess it magically morphs when using it.

    I have to make clear that this is what the ones wearing it could perceive; however, what others smell on those wearing AE might be another completely, different story.

    29th April, 2011

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