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    Vetyver / Vétiver by Givenchy

    I knew I wanted another vetiver because sometimes my Guerlain is a bit of a tobacco-y jerk. This isn't exactly what I was looking for, and yet it is divine. I believe it's the sandalwood that keeps this off of the straight-up green path. And I've come to accept that a good, harsh vetiver NEEDS another strong, easily identifiable note around to keep it in line. Anyway, this was a blind purchase and I am thrilled that I own it.

    As I've worn this, I've smelled vetiver, sandalwood, citrus, cinnamon, anise, and coriander, I think. Well, I know for damn sure that I smell vetiver, sandalwood, and spicy stuff. Anyway, this brilliant aroma does a sparkly dance under the nose of the wearer, and the brilliant artistry with which this amazingly natural-smelling fragrance was created becomes abundantly obvious after a few hours. Some moments it's green, and others it's earthy, then it's spicy, and as you attempt to wrap your head around what you're smelling, it quickly becomes soapy. Yet as this constant alteration dazzles you like so many autobots, there isn't a single unpleasant moment to be had.

    Vetiver is a temperamental beast, and Givenchy has managed to keep it in line with a few good pimp-slaps. Stop reading reviews and just get you some.

    01st May, 2011

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