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    Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene

    I never minded Grey Flannel, so I went and bought a bottle yesterday as I've not had it in a while and am ever so reluctant to use stashes of bottles of things I have dating to the 80s or earlier. So why am I going to give it a neutral? Read on.

    Upon initial application its everything it was. Smells exactly the same as it did in my old bottle dating to the 1980s. I was actually quite excited about this. I was expecting some threadbare replicant of the original like Polo has become. Thankfully they didn't take this route. Still beautifully floral and full of its oakmoss character like Halston Z-14 was before they shot that one down. But everything comes with an expense. Longevity is still quite good but what they have done is cheapen the ingredients. If indeed the drydown is sandalwood as the pyramid claims it certainly doesn't smell much like it but instead some sort of rather generic something I'd call it generic woody note. You can't go say it has always been this way. Double blind it with the original and when you're to the drydown the original smells decidedly more expensive. Now I'm not going to complain too much this is $15 or less for a 4oz bottle on sale and still smells way more expensive than that. Plus the magic of this one, for me is in the opening not the drydown. Still it would be nice to have the complete package, and if perhaps I submit enough neutral reviews of once great products someone will see they can't continue to cheapen the fragrances to the point where they are unrecognizeable shadows of themselves. Don't get me wrong Grey Flannel smells fine, for now, and I still like it, but cheapening just a bit in the drydown is the first step towards something no one wants to wear. Thankfully its still chock full of oakmoss, a note I'm very sensitive to, because if they removed that I'd be unable to wear it like the current versions of Polo and Halston.

    My advice, remember what it was, buy it now as it is while you can. Its still very very similar to how it used to be, but it is only a matter of time before they go to work on this one again and it becomes something not even close to its original formula.

    04th May, 2011

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