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    Five O'Clock Au Gingembre by Serge Lutens

    I absolutely adore this fragrance. I think at first I was just in love with SL because it's a pretty cool line. BUT, I am starting to really appreciate the incredible "nose". 5 o'clock is my very fave at the moment. I am dragging my feet on getting a full bottle because...well, I actually don't know why.

    I used up the last of my sample and, because I can not ever pick out notes in a fragrance unless they are uber obvious ( vanilla, frankincense ) I still cannot tell what is in there unless I read the actual description.

    My previous favorite was Feminite Du Bois, but after finishing up that sample it really does seem a LOT different from the original version which I gave away like the worlds biggest idiot, about 18 years ago!!!! ( GIANT L on the forehead!!!!)

    Does anyone know of any other "natural " niche fragrances that are oddly scented ( no vanilla's and no florals please )...thanks all. 8-)

    04th May, 2011

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