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    Field Notes from Paris by Ineke

    Well, first off, this is definitely unisex, probably even leaning to the masculine side. Ineke says on her website that she does not ascribe to the notion of gender designations for perfumes - wear what you like is her motto. So, I'm not sure where the gender designation given above came from.

    On to the fragrance...with the list of notes given you might expect this to be a little heavy, something that would be a fall/winter scent. But, as with all the Ineke perfumes I've tried there's a sort of light-but-substantial quality to Field Notes. Unlike Derring-Do, I have a tough time picking apart notes in Field Notes. It comes across as one big scent signature. Bergamot and coriander are sense-able in the topnotes. Patchouli, a dry but not bitter patchouli is present throughout, somewhat similar to the patchouli in Lutens' Borneo. The tobacco, vanilla, and beeswax seem to work together to add a natural sweetness, not too sweet, definitely not sugary or syrupy. Again, light-but-substantial sums up the sweetness, and again, I'm struggling to find the individual notes and am guessing at which ones provide the subtle sweetness. The fragrance ends in a typical fading-away dry down where it gets maybe a bit more ambery...a dusty amber, not a heavy, syrupy amber.

    This is a very nice, modern, well-constructed oriental for men who find most oriental perfumes too sweet or too overbearing.

    04th May, 2011

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