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    Oscar de la Renta pour Lui by Oscar de la Renta

    The 80s powerhouse that I most enjoy wearing right now. Out of all its beastly brethren, I find it most similar to VC&A PH. But, it's not as over-the-top, especially in the soapy-floral sense, as VC&A PH. It's also the least "dated" of the bunch, I think. This could be due to its relative informality when compared to VC&A, Lauder, Jules, Trussardi, et al.

    The aldehydes and floral notes make this seem almost feminine when first applied. (It's funny how all of these - the most masculine of masculines, masculine to the point of being referred to as "hairy chested" and "brawny" and "dated," as if they epitomize an anachronistic Cro-Magnon version of masculinity - all of them have prominent florals at their respective hearts. The same florals that now seem so avant-garde in a men's perfume. Just something to think on.) Anyway, as it starts to dry down, leather emerges, as well as patchouli, along with the clovey, carnation spice others have mentioned. And every now and again, I swear I smell something green, like pine.

    Most importantly, though, there is an openness to Pour Lui that is rare amongst the 80s powerhouses. It is loud, and strong, and heavy, but somehow, despite all its notes and complexity it's not overly "dense." When applied with a light hand, it doesn't wear me like so many other 80s powerhouses. I feel like it engages with my skin, mixes and melds with it, being ever-so-slightly different every time I wear it. When worn lightly, it is, dare I say, almost clean and fresh. The leather-floral-spice combo comes across as a high quality soapy smell. And of course, it stays with you all day.

    [BTW, I have a vintage splash bottle of this, so that's what I'm reviewing here. I have not smelled the reformulated juice.]

    04th May, 2011

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