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    Alluring by Boadicea the Victorious

    More and more I seem to be pulling my first impressions and replacing them. Alluring is still a nice fragrance, but what I pick up a month later is a 'pine' note.

    'Precious woods' is listed, and it must include cedar and/or eucalyptus. I would give Alluring 5 stars if it came without this, because now I find it rattles the nose.

    Dry down is dusty, as advertised. I think this wears better in humid weather (my first wearing was during the bay area's wet season). This setting amplifies the fruit, which I found so lucious.

    Now I'm wearing it during our dry climate, and thus, it's more reedy. I like how some reviewers have brought up a 'vintage edge'. I agree, and I'm reminded of Sonoma Scent's Vintage Rose.

    Do I still like Alluring? Yes, but it has slipped off my 'consider buying' list for now.

    07th May, 2011

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