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    Derring-Do for Men by Ineke

    I am not a big fan of aquatics. They have their place, and I find myself using them most when it's very hot, in weather conditions that would have the rest of my wardrobe choking me out. That said, Derring-Do was an unexpected and pleasant surprise! I liked it at first, and it's only grown on me with every subsequent testing or wearing. Yes, it starts off fruity-citrusy, with an obvious aquatic note. But, it's got more body to it than most aquatics. It has a fougere-like oomph to it, and ends in a light, woody, musky, slightly powdery base. Throughout its development there is a stony, almost concrete-like smell or feel that's hard to relate in words. This note or accord brings an air of aloofness or seriousness to what could be an overly light-hearted scent (FWIW, this lack of seriousness is what has ultimately made me tire of Creed's MI). It's an EdP, so unlike most other aquatics, I get good longevity.

    I recently wore this on one arm with Kenzo Homme on the other. Derring-Do easily smelled deeper, richer, more ''natural" (of course), more complex (of course), and lasted longer. The only point at which I preferred Kenzo Homme - and by the slightest margin at that - was in the deep base where Derring-Do still had some sweetness and Kenzo Homme seemed to have a nice, subtle woods, florals, and light spice thing going on. That said, the Kenzo was much too light to smell at that stage from any distance further than nose-on-skin. [Of course, this comparison is not really fair, as they are two different scents in two different styles. I'm sharing the comparison only to give a sense of what Derring-Do smells like as compared to a more familiar standard-bearer.]

    All said, thumbs-up for a well-constructed fragrance, an aquatic with some character and lasting power.

    04th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 12th May, 2011)

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