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    Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

    What a magnificent,classic,undying perfume.
    Trully a masterpiece of spiciness and resinous-woody undertones with opoponax , incense and benzoin. Still with us after all these years.
    It doesn't offer any favors , you don't have to just like it , you have to love it and if it loves you back ( skin chemistry going on ) it will be a best friend for ever , as it has been for me.
    I only ever use the EDT ( the EDP is vile! I can't understand what they were thinking ) and the pure perfume , about which experts say it is even more velvety , and wear it mainly in cold , cold weather. I retire it in spring and find it makes me long for the first crisp days of autumn.
    It's also super lasting leaving a trail on clothes until they are laundered , which I find sexy.

    It's been a signature for years , since I have been a teenager actually , even in times when such perfumes were frowned upon - think ozonic obsessed late nineties - and a lot , and I mean A LOT of people ( men and women )have complimented me on it , said it is magnificent , light and ....flowery.(!!!) I guess it blooms on my skin :)
    There are people who wrinkled up their noses after they learned what it was ( at times when it was very unpopular ), but they had ALREADY complimented me!

    So you see , if it suits you , wear it and don't give a fig about what other people say. They wish they could wear it too!!

    20th September, 2005

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