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    Fantasy by Britney Spears

    My sister bought this for me knowing i liked Curious by Britney.

    I didn't like it at first. I found it too overpowering with the sweet lychee musk exuding from the first spray. Over time, i think it grew on me a little. It definitely isn't a fragrance made for everyone's enjoyment as it is quite musky and unique.

    It reminds me of an exotic lychee blend, dampening down to a warm musk. I think it's nicer to wear during winter where your body heat blends the fragrance to something a bit more welcoming and not totally overbearing.

    The bottle design is exquisite. I love the choice of fuschia pink and green gems embedded in the bottle. It adds to that exotic tropics feel to the fragrance, something a bit mysterious and dark. I have a thing for bling sparklies so i loved this design very much!

    It's hard to point to the exact intended audience but definitely a young age group of chickies from late teens to maybe late 20's? Of whom enjoy a fruity exuberant exotic fragrant.

    Notes as described on

    Top notes open with an enticing fruity mix of red lychee, quince and kiwi. Middle notes described as a playful tease, revealing jasmine flower and white chocolate orchid. Base notes combine orris, musks and woods.

    13th May, 2011

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