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    Baldessarini by Baldessarini

    Baldessarini is a woody oriental that is a wonderful fruity, tobacco fragrance. I initially dismmised this one because the tobacco note overwhelmed me the first time I gave it a test run. My nose has clearly changed since then and now I can't get enough of this relatively unknown (or ignored) fragrance. When I first tried Baldessarini, I completely missed the wonderful fruity top notes. I'm not sure how I missed them, but I did. Now, I not only experience the tangerine and bitter orange, but mint and fir are very noticeable right out of the bottle. This fragrance has a very appealing opening. The fruit, mint and fir blend so well. The mint becomes more prominent in the mid note phase of Baldessarini, although the fruity note remains a major player well into the progression. The patchouli emerges and provides an effective bridge into the woody-tobacco drydown. The tobacco note emerges slowly and smoothly and is the perfect compliment to the fruity nature of the top and mid notes. I don't find the tobacco base to be overpowering. The woody notes are noticeable, lending a slightly dry texture, but the tobacco note takes center stage.

    Baldessarini (edc) lasts approximately 6 hours on my skin. I just ordered the concentree version and I'm really looking forward to comparing the longevity of the two versions. However, I'm also very interested in the basic nature of the concentree version in relation to the edc. Hopefully, no Eau Sauvage Extreme train wreck type issues here.

    I find Baldessarini to be a fine formal fragrance, but I wear it for other occassions as well. I don't wear this one to the office. Baldessarini. Try it, enjoy it.

    14th May, 2011

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