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    Terre d'Hermès by Hermès

    I got this fragrance today - bought it blind based on the numerous favorable reviews here. First blind buy for me and a big mistake that will never happen again.

    To test this I sprayed a single shot on my forearm - it hit me immediately, so hard as if a mule has kicked me in the face onto a busy highway only to be run over by a semi and a cement mixer, repeatedly. It felt like a gruesome combination of dried up orange juice and a dark asphalt/gasoline/brunt rubber combo. It struck me as extremely powerful and very very offensive.

    I kept it on for about an hour and at that point I could barely take it anymore. My girlfriend, who did not like it a tiny bit gave me an ultimatum to either go outside or wash this off. I washed my had three times with soap but the scent would not go off. I took a long shower and this did not remove the scent full, albeit it lessened to a somewhat acceptable level and almost pleasant scent. It has been 8 hours and I can still smell this on me. I am hoping I will finally be able to wash this off for good with my morning shower. I would bet money that you can swim in a chlorinated pool for 2 hours and the moment you come out this stuff would still drown out any scent in the gym... I must say that the power and longevity here is absolutely monstrous. It only the scent was not so monstrous...

    20th May, 2011

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