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    Patchouli Intense / Patchouli Homme by Nicolaï

    This has been relabeled as Patchouli intense, as many women were taking to it. From what I understand it is the same formulation (it was always intense :-) In fact I ordered Patchouli Intense directly from PdN, but the bottle says Patchouli Homme.

    I like it. Yes it's a brash Patchouli (I can't speak for those who don't find the patchouli here - it's dead center), but I don't find it dark or foreboding in character as some have described.

    The the salty/peppery spiciness of it does make it a WINTER PATCHOULI for me (with Histoires de Parfum's Noir Patchouli, ironically named being my happier, sunnier, summer floral patchouli, and SL's Borneo 1834 being the a Gold Standard for a year-around earthy dose of Patch. Love this one.)

    But I'm laughing at some of these references to car crashes and gettting punched in the nose. OK, so it IS the type of fragrance that I would put on and led it ride before leaving the house (ala Montale), because the opening can be a bit tight. But when it starts to unwind I get nothing but compliments in this elegant and richly composed scent.

    Thumbs Up if you want a refreshing, more radical take on Patchouli.

    21st May, 2011

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