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    Voyage d'Hermès by Hermès

    fresh woody floral musk composition.unisex with a feminine touch....
    green fresh opening : you smell the citrus, grapefruit-quite nice, summer feeling, pleasant and well balanced -it reminds me so much of declaration by cartier.The dry down is woody, a bit harsh, cardammon?,floral and musky.Nicely done but nothing else!
    Great bottle!Unique- but do we expect this summit of a creation from the great Jean-Claude Ellena for the absolutely luxury brand-the icon of luxury goods : Hermes?!
    Hermes this is pure luxury : unique handbags and leather goods,amazing silk ties and scarfs etc.etc.
    And to name some of the really outstanding perfumes of this sophisticated traditional and timeless french! company as Caleche, Eau d´Hermes, Equipage, Bel ami that really match with this luxurious brand Voyage is satisfactory but mediocre- to my mind this is not typical Hermes- probably they want to reach a younger class of buyers by launching all these jardin de.....perfumes and on top selling them as unisex scents but in the long run it will fail.Chanel -on the female side- has demonstrated it´s innovative mind by launching modern scents conserving the tradition and the legacy of Coco Chanel- Jacques Polge has done great works for the female buyers.
    But Hermes starts selling it´s spirit in order to meet the market needs forgetting their brilliant history.... Perfume is always a very sensitive and personal impression but instead of launching one nice but simple and forgettable edt after the other why is this company not able to launch a brilliant scent that makes us dreám of more including the rich and unique history of this singular french firm?!You remember the time when Eau d Hermes was only available in France?
    These were still times when a perfume was something very special, unique and particular....Voyage as so many other perfumes of our time -NOTHING TO GET EXCITED ABOUT!!!

    21st May, 2011

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