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    Squash by Dana

    I have been given a huge bottle of this one by a very generous fellow Base Noter; since it is a splash bottle I decided to decant it into an atomizer.

    S is a blend that cannot be classified as a powerbomb, thus it has been blended with those launched in the 1970's in mind. There is bergamot, but not in fashion with what was later set by CK's Eternity, thus the lavander and the petitgrain can be the reason why the opening, although harsh as in the aromatics, feels original when worn nowadays. What follows is not very complex in character, but the geranium, the carnation and the vetiver lead the way - these feel pungent to the nose. Talcum-powder basenotes follow, finally setting in the very light animalic notes. In summary, not the way "bold" would mean as in classic scents launched during the 1980's, but it certainly can be described as such, albeit with a twist that could be described as original maybe due to the fact it was blended under the fashion of its time: after all, this is the kind of scent that wearing it makes me travel to the past.

    I can't assure anyone that blends in the 1970's shared much of S attributes, but I experience a sort of feeling that tells me this might not be far from the truth.

    23rd May, 2011

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