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    Champion by Davidoff

    A fellow Base Noter noted that this was not as bad as everybody stated so I decided to give it a try. It is true, it is a nice blend, albeit lacking originality: it is a bergamot prominent top note fragrance, this meaning that it is in the same fashion as a kind of blend that became very poular since the 1990's, of which many are still widely available in the market - XS, Himalaya, Allure, Eternity, Brooks Brothers for Men, Safari, O de Lancome for men as well as new ones, like Mont Blanc Legacy, to which we must add the myriad of inexpensive scents released after these ones, like the local Alliance by Carlos Benaim. Of course there are differences between Champion and the rest of the ones in the group, thanks to the availability of modern-day aromachemicals contributing to better projection, longevity and complexity. But, unless you are into details, the overall feeling is that is on the same vein as those we've been smelling for a decade or more.

    This leaves me wonder about marketing decision making and perception: in this case, one ends up thinking that what is being offered is a marketing concept rather than a content. Not a bad thing per se, I regard this might be a hit among athletes. As for those looking for information on the product, they might as well look after other less expensive options, for there are plenty of them.

    25th May, 2011

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