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    Eau d'Hermès by Hermès

    Without question of the greatest perfumes ever made, Eau d'Hermes stands as one Roudnitska's ultimate masterpieces. One of the earlier Roudnitska's, within EdH lays bits of every perfume he would ever make as if it were the grenade that would explode into the works of his career. All of the themes he would later explore are presented in EdH - sharp citrus, subtle florals, animalics (civet, castoreum, etc.), and the combination of citrus with florals and animalics. Pick any Roudnitska from Eau Fraiche de Dior all the way through Parfum de Therese and you can find a bit of it in Eau d'Hermes.

    Of course a perfume is not just a history lesson. Eau d'Hermes wears both comfortably and with the utmost comfort and class. Note this is NOT a perfume for newbies - advanced perfumistas only. The unattuned will likely not be able to recognize how much is happening on so many levels. If you are a newbie I can only encourage you to stick with EdH no matter what you think of it on first sniff. Don't let the cumin fool you - this note is soon lost in the mix and it wears like a broader spice blended with citrus. Eau d'Hermes is meant to be *worn* not sniffed on your wrist, and it will not smell right if you're just smelling a couple sprays on your hand.

    From what I've heard the most recent reformulation, recognizable by the clear cap that replaced the copper cap, is not very good. Stick with any pre-clear cap formula and you'll be all set. For the person reading this who is already an Eau d'Hermes fan keep an eye out for one of the 120ml crystal flacons that have been available by custom order from Hermes boutiques.

    26th May, 2011

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