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    Elixir by Penhaligon's

    The opening, and heart, remind me of a specific scent memory. On a visit to California, I was fortunate enough to enjoy a convertible drive from Sonoma to the coast on a beautiful, sunny spring day. We traveled along a two lane back road, and found ourselves driving between two rows of eucalyptus trees lining the road. It was a wonderful smell that I remember to this day.

    Elixir brings that smell alive. It opens with an airy, rough bark smell of eucalyptus! It is the smell of the peeling bark, and not like any other fragrance that I have smelled. There is a small shift towards the heart by introducing the cinnamon aroma of the bark spice. This is not ground cinnamon, and certainly not the sweet candy smell. It is rough, barky, woody cinnamon. This is a beautiful transition that keeps the faint woody trend alive, but adds the spiciness that keeps this novel. The theme is continued throughout the heart as a rosewood note is introduced.

    Now, this is the only fault I see in the composition. The rosewood stands out too much, and there is not another note to play off of. It is pleasant, but I think could have been used to better effect by being used as a basis for lifting another note. In any event, it didn't really detract from the scent, but was just possibly a lost opportunity to raise the bar even higher.

    The base adds the faintest of vanilla to this rosewood note, but does not transition after this point.

    This is a soft, somewhat faint, fragrance. It never overwhelms, as many "orientals" can do. Some will find it too faint, but if you allow the fragrance to envelope you with it's breezy, airy mood, you will find a novel tale of oriental opulence tamed, and with unique notes. Let it take you where you will, or let it remind you of a great drive to the coast. Either way, it is worth a sniff!

    26th May, 2011

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