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    Versace pour Homme by Versace

    Bergamot, and neroli in the opening with decent projection. Not exactly what I was expecting from Versace's flagship fragrance, but then again, I can see this appealing to the newer generation of fragrance lovers. While personally, I feel The Dreamer should be their flagship fragrance.. I don't think Versace pH is horrible though.

    It's actually a bit different from most aquatics on the market. Where as, you'll find a lot of the melon notes, fruits, and the aquatic feel. VpH goes more the citrus/floral route, yet still manages to be an aquatic. If ya don't like neroli, then ya won't like this one. The tangy bergamot/lemon may start this fragrance off, but it isn't long before the bitter/powdery neroli note comes out and dominates the opening. Neroli is a flower on an orange tree that blossoms, its smell is distinguished and anybody who knows a bit a about fragrance notes, should be able to pick this note out in virtually any fragrance. It's bitter, powdery, semi-sweet with a little spice. The problem I have noticed with many neroli notes in non-niche fragrances, is they can come off smelling very chemical if ya sniff too much. This is no different in VpH's case.

    As it fades into the floral heart notes, the neroli compliments it, but it also becomes spicy out of no where. It reminds me of Adidas Moves heart notes more than anything. But where Moves is incomplete and lacks base notes for the most part, VpH has a nice light cedar, oud wood, and tonka base. The neroli is there until the end.

    Longevity is pretty good (6-8 hours), but projection isn't the greatest on my skin. It reminds me of Adidas Moves until it dries down more, where it reminds me of Allure Homme Sport. I give it a neutral rating, because it's simply quite hard to find an citrus/aquatic that impresses me. This isn't bad for the average Joe, but I have some personal complaints about it.

    25th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 26th May, 2011)

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