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    Imari by Avon

    Imari is it Ambiguous or Androgymous? everyone has there own interpretation of what the mind preceives of what a scent should be, She is neither Girlish nor Womanly, Imari avoids the sweet naivete of candy notes and airy florals She is a deep and worldy Woman who takes no nonsense nor sugar-coateed Sentiment from no one.

    The Scent of Imari opens with the note of Aldehydes dry and musty like dust on old leatherbound book forgotten from age then dries with Irises gives off A metallic smell like freshly carved ivory Piano Keys newly played while the thinly covered dust float slavishly in tune to the music under the beams from a Venetian blinds in the Early Morning light,

    Imari dries Warm and Spicy due to the presence of Incense descreert enough not to overpower yet definde to make it's presence known, The incense note is also a thinly Disguised metaphore of Dimly lit
    street filled with rustic stores of exotic antiques and old Opium Dens
    and a Pagoda that silently hides between the house of vices incense burns quietly thoughout the night with the scent of sandalwood add to the nocturnal side of Imari.

    The Note of Musk starts the Finishing of Imari very prominate it seemed to drown out the other notes ie
    Vanilla amber and ceder But the Sandalwood holds it's own and adds a fiery woodish twist to Imari The Musk IMHO is my favotite note It has a Mannish quality and make the scent a bit Androgymous almost masculine if you left out the Tuberose A Man can wear can wear this, So what is the question Is it Ambigious or Androgymous My Answer whould Be mostly Androgymous it's Blurs the line of Feminine and Masculine,

    My Final verdict This is not a scent for young Girls it's a scent for a confident Independent woman who knows what she wants out of life and aware of her Sexuality and know how to use it.

    28th May, 2011

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