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    Iris Bleu Gris by Maître Parfumeur et Gantier

    I've mixed feeling on Iris Bleu Gris! While I'm totally fascinated by its opening I get somehow disappointed in the drydown.

    Iris Blue Gris opens with a blast of hyper-realistic and earthy iris root joined by bitter and "wet" green notes. Outstanding, magistral and even challenging for it's extreme bitterness. It turns then to a more conventional, yet absolutely compelling middle phase where iris plays its main part. What disappoints me is the bitter green aspect of the opening that in this phase has morphed to a soapy "cleanness" softening the initial austerity. Gentle, suave and well refined (too much for my taste), but after the promising opening it leaves me somewhat unsatisfied.

    Overall this is a very good fragrance highly recommended to anyone who loves iris root but also to the ones of you who simply want to releate with a master composition.

    I give it a "thumbs up" on an objective basis.

    29th May, 2011

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