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    A Travers Le Miroir by Thierry Mugler

    Through the looking-glass...... I find it quite fitting a name for this one. Have always found it very intoxicating, in the sense of: 1. The feeling of a beautiful young woman with all the beautiful things you'd imagine her having.... 2. From time to time when wearing this, having to just simply and only, enjoy the fragrance, and relaxing my body parts so that the scent takes over and all the things it springs to mind (Drugs is one thing this reminds me of.....erm).
    Got a bit sad when my mother told me it smelled like strawberries......and yeah the similarities are striking if you actually think about it. But some strange strawberries then. Guess it's easy to draw such associations to perfume.

    Anyway this is very feminine as I said, but pretty unique (and don't worry 'bout what I said about strawberries really...unless you're worried about the strangeness), and yes has some kind of woodiness...and sharpness (tuberose-ish like jtd explained it very well). So it's extremely unisex, or should I say on the traditional male/female-what-to-wear-scale this can fit anywhere, unlike a lot of niche unisex floral fragrances I've come accross.

    It doesn't last long though, but it does really help to re-apply after 15-20 minutes.........and be liberal with the spraying, & wear in the summer heat. Projection/sillage is pretty good.

    29th May, 2011

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