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    Happy for Men by Clinique

    This is largely an orange aquatic, Acqua di Gio meets Varvatos Artisan (?). I like it to some extent, and before I even spray, sniffing inside the cap is tantalizing; initially the scent is better than the sum of its parts. The top is a fizzy and metallic citrus, like someone took the plodding base of Azzaro Chrome and reinvigorated it. Apple also plays a role here, which later will lead to problems for me. Like Acqua di Gio, the middle holds a surprising amount of jasmine or similar florals, which add complexity to the aquatic portion even as the tiresome apple begins to ruin the fruit portion. During the mid-notes, unfortunately, the citrus, fizz, florals and aqua all start to recede, overshadowed by the synthetic fruitiness you'd find any low-end sweetened "fresh" scent. By the time the base arrives, it no longer accomplishes either the aquatic or the orange objective as well as other fragrances; it has become less than the sum of its parts. The apple has stubbornly remained almost as artificial and dull as in Greenergy, Adidas Moves, Chrome, or Eternity, with the usual fake leather note as accompaniment. Too bad.

    30th May, 2011

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