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    Cristalle Eau de Toilette by Chanel

    Different, is a good word to start with when it comes to describing Cristalle by Chanel.

    Although Cristalle is often referred to as a 70's scent, it is surprisingly modern for its time.

    The fragrance opens with crisp and refreshing lemon supported by a blend of dry and unsweetened florals. The scent is quite green and fresh, somewhat similar to Chanel No.19, however it is not as sharp and chemical.

    It took me a while to like this fragrance seeming that the opening itself was rather overpowering and sour, however the drydown and the sudden presence of the floral notes softened the scent and gave it an undeniable feminine quality which was quite lovely.

    My perception on this scent is that it's rather soapy yet fresh and revitalising. I found myself detecting a note hidden somewhere in the drydown which smelt rather like a smouldering cigarette. I must add that I rather like the smell of cigarettes, particularly on the opposite sex.

    Honestly this isn't a fragrance that you're likely to find me wearing. Chanel's classy and sophisticated scents don't seem to do me justice, however on the right people these types of scents really have the ability to shine.

    While this crisp, watery, herbaceous and lemony-fresh scent doesn't suit me, I'm almost certain that it will suit lovers of these kinds of fragrances.

    04th June, 2011

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