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    Burberry Sport for Men by Burberry

    OK, I'll bite the bullet, and be the first to give my newby take on BS ( no, BSM would be a better abbreviation & not to be confused with BSIM or BSuM ;-) ).
    As described on tester bottle: "A woody citrus fragrance"
    Top notes: grapefruit, fozen ginger, wheatgrass accord
    Heart notes: sea breeze accord, red ginger, juniper berries
    Dry notes: cedarwood, dry amber, musk

    Florida summertime test:
    On initial spray, I got a sense of freshness, with some citrus, grapefruit like scent, pleasing cardamom (much as if I crushed a seed or two in my teeth), along with some grassy-like notes. Ginger was more like ginger ale to me (Canada Dry, not Schwepps), rather than fresh ginger or ginger root.

    A little later, I thought I got a whiff of salt spray, with perhaps a hint of the juniper berries, at least, something a little sweet; I seem to have lost the ginger, though.

    BSM faded quickly on my skin, like it just ran out of steam, to the point I could scarcely detect any distinct base notes- just a clean, vague something-ness. Over all, it was pleasant, but nothing distinctive stood out, no "wow" factor here. This fragrance can take its place among all the other generic citrus "sport" bottles, eventually to be cleared off the shelves to make way for the new contenders.

    25th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 04th June, 2011)

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