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    Baie de Genièvre by Creed

    For those who love the House of Creed, but dislike the current and somewhat formulaic trend of a lot of the Millesimes (codeword 'fresh'), this fragrance should do wonders! Indeed, Baie de Genievre is firmly entrenched in the 'old Creed' period, if we might term it as such. And as a result, it is composed in the somewhat astringently eccentric style of the older Creeds, aka the Eau de Toilette range. Whenever I try to describe this fragrance to someone, I often say that it is a cross between its predecessor Epicea and its successor Bois du Portugal, in that all three share a similarly distinct woody and spicy character. However, Baie de Genievre differs from Epicea in that it lacks the overarching pine note of Epicea. It is similar to Epicea by way of its use of spices (clove in particular), and the coniferously-tinged aroma of the titular juniper berry found within also makes it similar to Epicea's pine-dominant aroma. It is similar to Bois du Portugal because of its Old World masculine qualities and strong personality, though it is different because I find Baie de Genievre to exhibit more of a sweetness and a slightly more 'earthy' quality than BdP. I wholeheartedly agree with others on here who say that Baie de Genievre is one of the most underrated Creeds. Its spicy and somewhat barbershop-esque character speak volumes to those who afford it the time, and provide a somewhat nostalgic retreat to an era long past. Very different from the modern Millesimes, but much more rewarding than them in many aspects (as Acier Aluminium, Epicea, Vetiver, and company are).

    30th May, 2011 (Last Edited: 05th June, 2011)

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