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    L'Heure Bleue by Guerlain

    I was so desperate to try this after hearing so much about it. I too wanted to wander the back streets of Paris just as evening descended.

    However, after spraying myself I was then subjected to an hours train journey alone with it. Well I say alone, I emptied the carriage! This claustrophobic, cloying scent gave me and probably everyone within 200m a terrible headache. Its just screamed PERFUME.
    I was forced to sit and suffer enveloped in my pariah fog of suffocating baby powder and violent vanilla flowers who assaulted me all the way home. Instead of going out I jumped straight in a cab home, head hanging out of the window all the way, and jumped straight in the bath to scrub it off. Despite my best efforts the smell remained and so did the headache. A change of clothes and a further shower later I fell exhausted into bed, promising to have a few days off smelling anything!

    The next morning I was horrified to discover I could still smell it, it was everywhere, last nights clothes and everything they had touched had to be washed, as did my towels and bedsheets. But the memory remains… never again. Sorry to its many fans but it’s a no from me.

    Could you wear it with a hangover? Honey, this GAVE me a hangover!

    08th June, 2011

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